Colgate is dedicated to improving oral health for people around the world. For the past 50 years, our mission, and our continued success, is driven by a relentless pursuit of scientific investigation. Our commitment to clinical research is supported by:

  • Robust clinical documentation of new technologies
  • Partnerships with leading dental schools worldwide
  • A comprehensive global network of clinical sites
  • Our vast impact on the development and maintenance of clinical indices, standards and methodologies

Research Philosophy

Clinical dental research at Colgate is a tradition of excellence that dates back over 50 years. Colgate clinical studies evaluate the efficacy of dental treatments on such critical oral concerns as dental plaque, gingivitis, tooth decay and calculus formation. Our researchers span the globe to involve the greatest diversity of male and female participants, in every age group.

All clinical studies are conducted in harmony with the highest governmental and professional standards. The results are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are subjected to evidence-based dentistry statistical substantiation procedures.

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