Patient Education:


Safety Sheet

Dental injuires can often be prevented - especially if you know what to watch out for. These tips can help you do just that. Note the specific areas that you know may prove dangerous.


  • Encourage children to be considerate of each other, and gently remind them to wait their turn when appropriate

Falling on stairs

  • Make sure children don't feel hurried
  • Remind children to use handrails

Falling from bikes and playground equipment

  • Review safety rules
  • Teach safe use
  • Make sure equipment is age appropriate and in good repair

Running with objects in mouth

  • Make a list together of the only things that should go in your mouth, and illustrate together. Post at children's eye level.


  • Remind children to walk, not run
  • Clean up toys, materials, and spills

Car accidents (sudden stops)

  • Always wear seatbelts

Biting hard objects

  • Make a list together of everything you shouldn't bite. Encourage children to add to the list as they think of items.

Did You Know?

  • Upper front teeth are the teeth most affected by accidents
  • Teeth and gums in the back of the mouth are usually injured by chewing on pencils, ice, or cracking nuts

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